Consignor FAQ

Q: How do I become a seller with Growing Growing Gone?
Register to become a consignor online by clicking here.

Q: I’ve registered in a previous season or location to consign, do I have to register again?
Yes, you must register for each sale that you wish to consign in.

Q:When do I drop off my things?
Consignors may make an appointment to drop-off their items or they may come anytime during drop-off hours.  For more detailed information on the check-in & drop-off, please refer to the Drop-off Page.

Q:What can I expect during drop off?
With our Drop & Go service drop off is simple!  Please have your items presorted by size, gender, etc. When you arrive, leave your items in your vehicle and proceed to the sign in table.  After filling out a short registration form, you will be directed to the inspection station.  There you will drop off your items for inspection.  There is no need to stay while we inspect.   We will put your items out in their appropriate places We will have rolling racks and carts available to help transport your items from your car to the sales floor.

Q:Can someone else drop off my items for me?
Anyone can drop-off your items. Please make sure they know your consignor number and have your signed recall waiver & consignor agreement when they come. They will be responsible for returning any items to you that Growing Growing Gone chose not to accept.

Q: Will you take all my items?
Growing Growing Gone will happily accept all of your items that adhere to our guidelines.  We will be inspecting items very closely as to maintain the quality of the sale. Please don’t be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. It is often easy to miss a spot or a tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise.

Q: Can I pick-up my unsold items?
Consignors have the option of picking up their unsold items at the end of the sale if they wish.    Any items you do not pick-up by the end of the pick-up time, will be donated as well. Please see our pick-up page for the pick-up schedule.

Q: How do I attend the Consignor’s Pre-Sale Party?
If you have registered to consign clothing in the sale, you will be issued a pre-sale pass when you drop-off your items, which will allow you to shop in the Consignor’s pre-sale.  We will be checking passes at the door, so be sure to bring it with you!

Q: If I cannot attend the pre-sale party, may I give my pass to someone else?
Absolutely! If you cannot attend the Preview Party, feel free to give your armband to anyone who could benefit from it!

Q: Who can I bring to the pre-sale party?
We welcome children to come if absolutely necessary.  The pre-sale can become crowded and we want you to have the best shopping experience possible. Children under 12 must remain with a parent at all times.

Q: What type of hangers do I use to hang my items?
We recommend using child-sized hangers for clothing sized 4 and smaller. We prefer that you use wire hangers because they do not break as easily as plastic hangers, but we also want you to feel comfortable using what you have available.

Q: Where is the best place to buy hangers?
Adult-sized hangers wire hangers can often be found for FREE from dry cleaners.  We will also have hangers for sale prior to the sale.  Please email us if you are interested in purchasing hangers.

Q: Will I get my hangers back?
Since we do not remove hangers at check-out, hangers from your sold items will not be returned to you, but keep in mind that you will be given the hangers from the items you purchase at the sale, as well as hangers from your unsold items.

Q: How do I make my tags?
See our Tagging page for all the details on how to prepare your tags.

Q: How should I price my items?
PRICE TO SELL! For detailed pricing tips, see our Pricing page.

Q: How do I make my tags?
See our Tagging page for all the details on how to prepare your tags.

Q: How soon after the sale will I get paid?
Checks will be mailed to you within 1 week of the sale.

Q: What if I lose my consignor check?  Can I get it re-issued?
Yes, if you lose your consignor check, we will issue a replacement check, but we must deduct $30 to cover bank fees we are charged for cancelling your original check.


For any other questions, please feel free to email us anytime!