Pricing Guidelines

When you consign with G3 you choose the price of your items. This Pricing Guide was created for the purpose of providing a starting point for reference. You are NOT required to price your items according to this list. Pricing is 100% your decision.  Also take into account the brand and condition of item. We want you to make MONEY and not have to take your items back home.

Printable Pricing Guide

This guide can be downloaded and printed to help you with pricing your items.  You can also see our less specific guidelines listed in general guidelines.

G3 Pricing Guide

General Guidelines

  • Price your items as if you were the buyer (not the seller). What would you actually pay for the item?
  • When deciding the price of an item ask yourself what the lowest $ amount you would accept is, and price it. If you are not comfortable with half that amount, don’t select the half price option for that item.
  • Do not let the half price amount/issue affect your regular selling price of the item because it will make the regular selling price too high for consignment shoppers.
  • Clothing is best priced at 25-30% of the retail price. Keep in mind the brand/label of the piece and price accordingly.  See our Pricing Guide above or the Consignment Mommies Pricing Guide below as a point of reference by brand.
  • Consignors golden rule: Don’t sell what you wouldn’t buy!
  • Newborn to size 2T has a bigger supply than other sizes. Your item must be priced competitively with the items they are hanging next to for a greater chance of selling.



Strollers & Baby Gear

  • Umbrella Strollers – $5-15
  • Single Strollers – $20-75
  • Double Strollers – $50-100
  • High End & European Brand Strollers – $75-150+
  • Swings – $15-40
  • High Chairs – $25-60
  • Pack-N-Plays – $15-50
  • Exersaucers & Jumparoos – $15-40

**Prices can vary greatly depending on condition, brand and style

Half Price Day Opportunity

On Saturday of the sale, if your item hasn’t sold at full price, you have the opportunity to mark it to half price. Select which items you’d like to offer at half price when using our tagging program. Items you do not wish to offer at half price will remain at full price the entire time.

We highly recommend offering items at half price because shoppers are looking for deeply discounted bargains on the final day of the sale. You took the time to get the items OUT of the house… do you really want to bring them back home if they don’t sell?