Volunteer 101

Shop Early and Get the Best Deals!

Volunteers help make the Growing Growing Gone sale a success!

To run a sale that involves hundreds of different families and thousands of items,  it takes a lot of people to help the sale run smoothly!    Every hand is helpful and we are so thankful for our wonderful volunteers!

Everyone is welcome to volunteer! You do not have to be a consignor to earn the great benefits volunteers receive!

Why Volunteer?

1. Volunteers receive $20 in G3 Bucks as a Thank You Gift!

2. Volunteers earn more of their consignor earnings!

All consignors automatically receive 70% of their sales minus a $7.50 consignor fee (deducted from your check).

  • Volunteer for 1 shift: $0 consignor fee!
  • Volunteer for 2 shifts: Receive 75% of your sales + $0 Consignor fee!
  • Volunteer for 3 shifts: Receive 80% of your sales + $0 Consignor fee!

3. Volunteers also get to shop first during our special pre-sale party! 

Shopping times can be found on the pre-sale page.

Access to the volunteer pre-sale party can equal tremendous savings to you by getting first pick of all the great deals!

Possible Volunteer Positions

  • Check-in & Inspection
  • Organize clothing and toys
  • Straighten merchandise
  • Assist shoppers and help with the check out
  • Sorting clothes at the end of sale
Sign-up to Volunteer

Please note:

We know circumstances arise and we will take those into consideration. But if a volunteer does not fulfill their obligation, the volunteer will not be allowed to participate as a volunteer in the future and a fee of $25.00 will be deducted from your check.

If you are a consignor you will receive your volunteer pre-sale pass at drop off.  If however you are not a consignor we do ask that volunteers who sign up for a shift that is to be completed AFTER pre-sale pay a $25.00 cash refundable deposit when shopping the pre-sale. Once you have completed your volunteer shift, your $25.00 deposit will be refunded back to you. This is to maintain the integrity of our volunteer benefit process.

Barter Opportunities

Can’t volunteer during the sale?

No worries, we can still use your help before the sale!

We realize that some parents cannot volunteer due to a variety of reasons and we want to make our special pre-sale available to those parents.  If you cannot volunteer for a traditional shift, these opportunities may work better for you!

Provide a meal for our Volunteers

Provide a meal, snacks and drinks for our hard working volunteers and receive a 1 pre-sale pass to our preview party!

Marketing Positions: Help us get the word out about the sale!

  • Delivering flyers to area businesses, doctor’s offices, daycare centers, libraries, etc. Flyers will be provided
  • Placing yard signs prior to the sale and taking down after the sale
  • Use of our G3 Car magnets

Other needs:

  • Help us locate and secure a fabulous sale location for future sales
  • Helping us obtain radio, television or newspaper coverage

Emailfor more information on either of these opportunities!