Volunteer FAQ

Q: What is a GGG Volunteer and why would I want to volunteer?

Growing Growing Gone volunteers come in all forms.  Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Friends, anyone can volunteer to help out with the sale!  It is NOT required to volunteer in order to shop or consign with GGG.  But many people choose to give 3 hours of their time to help during the sale in order to enjoy the benefits of getting to shop the sale before the public during our volunteer pre-sale party!

By shopping first you get the first selection of items and the first chance at the best deals!  Not only do you get to shop early, but to show our appreciation you can can also earn up to 80% on the items you sell during the sale and have your consignor fee waived!

Q: I am less active and will not be able to stand on my feet.  Do you have any shifts that can accommodate me?

We would still love your help!  Please let us know in advance and we will make sure to find a shift that will be suitable for your needs!

Q: Do I need to consign to volunteer with G3?

No, you are welcome to volunteer in order to earn a pass to our Pre-sale Party. We do however ask that volunteers who sign up for a shift that is to be completed AFTER pre-sale pay a $25.00 CASH refundable deposit. Once you have completed your volunteer shifts, your $25.00 deposit will be refunded back to you.  If you fail to complete your shift, you will forfeit this deposit.  This is to maintain the integrity of our volunteer benefit process.  Thank you for understanding.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to work?

The most important thing that you can bring is a smile!  🙂  But, aside from that you should dress in comfortable shoes and clothing.

Q: I signed up to volunteer but I can not make it.

We understand that things come up.  We ask that you please give us at least a 48 hour notice so that we can try and fill your spot.  If you shop the presale, but fail to fulfill your volunteer obligations there will be a $25 no-show fee deducted from consignor earnings, We count on every single position, so please be confident you can work your shift prior to signing up